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You should choose comfortable loose fitting clothing such as t-shirts, jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts that will stretch and move with your body and that won't interfere with dance / excercise movements. Socks should fit snuggly and be thick enough to provide a barrier against possible blisters. Shoes MUST be worn! Barefeet is not an option!

Choose the right shoes that offer stability and cushion your movements but observe the amount of traction on the shoes. Too much traction can impede dance footwork. Aerobic trainers are ideal as trainers specifically meant for running can have too much traction when executing a twisting motion. Wrist & ankle weights should not be worn during class.Wear a supportive bra during Zumba exercise. A good sports bra should restrict breast movement, deter chaffing and wick away perspiration. We find the best sports bras are the vest type as they flatten your assets and firmly hold them in place.

What to bring to the Zumba fitness class

Water / fluids to rehydrate yourself, a towel and a fun loving party attitude!

What to Wear to Barre Concept Class

Always wear clothes that are comfortable to move in.Generally, form-fitting leggings and tops are best so your instructor can accurately examine your form. Footwear - barefoot, or special gripped socks to avoid slipping.